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The Erased Font

The Erased 2024 is loading!

Last year 320 journalists were imprisoned. On World Press Freedom Day - 3 May 2024 - we will publish new stories, update the list of censored words and our social and press kit. Meanwhile we invite you to check out The Erased Font and ways to spread #CensorshipAwareness, click Join the Cause.

The font visualises the increasing attack on press freedom, by erasing one word for every journalist imprisoned in 2022.

Currently, 363 erased words. Words derived from topics imprisoned journalists reported on.

For safety reasons, we don’t publish the journalists' names next to their erased words, instead, we publish the country in which they are imprisoned.

Explore the font

Try out the font. Type out different English words to experience censorship. Test words such as:

Dictator , Freedom , Press , Authority , Racism , Reporting , Annexation , Opinion & Violations .

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We use the power of typography to make their censorship visible.

Available in Arabic, English, Dutch, French, Russian, and Spanish.

We expand the font yearly by adding new journalists that are locked up, visualising the increasing attacks on press freedom. The erasing effect is made with the use of ligatures, a technical trick in typography.

The Erased uses Google’s Noto Serif as a template font, adding the erased words to turn it into an awareness campaign.

Download the font

Since 2000, the imprisonment of journalists grew by over 296%.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many cases are unknown because journalists are unable to speak out.

2023Journalists in prison363

Uncover their erased stories.

Free Press Unlimited is an international press freedom organisation that collaborates with local media partners all over the world. To make independent news and information available to everyone, Free Press Unlimited works to ensure journalists can keep doing their job in enabling environments rather than under fear and censorship. Because people deserve to know. All over the world.

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These institutions (and counting) stand up for the Erased.

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Help spread censorship awareness around the world.

Journalists can’t be erased if the world continues to hear about them.


Use your social media to spread the voices of journalists to combat censorship.

Download Social Kit

The social kit contains:

  • Posts for Socials,
  • Campaign Video,
  • theErased font.


The Erased needs your help. Your platform can have a huge impact on press freedom. Install the Erased and download the news kit to spread awareness on your platform.

Download News Kit

The news kit contains:

  • Call to action,
  • Campaign Video,
  • Press Article,
  • Participation Guide.

Join the campaign with news organisations from around the world and stand up for press freedom by easily installing the Erased font on your platform.

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